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Snowbirds to Florida with Florida Villas Direct

“Snowbirds” is the term used for American and Canadians who head for a Florida holiday during the winter months to escape from the winter conditions which can be horrendous in Canada and in the Mid-West and Northern U.S. States. The “Snowbirds” desired locations in order of preference are the areas of the Gulf Coast, the Florida Keys, and Orlando in Central Florida, and this creates a high season on the Gulf Coast and the Florida Keys but not in Orlando due to the volume of properties being available. Visitors who are not “snowbirds” and are looking particularly at the Gulf Coast, are recommended to make very early bookings to avoid being faced with no availability for the dates they require. The most popular areas on the Gulf Coast for “snowbirds” are Naples and Marco Island, and many “snowbirds” book the same Florida villa year after year and in many cases actually book the following year before they depart their Florida villa on their current Florida holiday. Whilst “snowbirds” push up the prices for Florida villas on the Gulf Coast and for properties on the Florida Keys, the same is not so for Florida villas in the Orlando area, due to the number of properties being available and the winter months being low season and not so desirable for transatlantic visitors. This has resulted in special offers being available during these months and bargain rental prices on selected Florida villas being offered by a number of specialist rental companies. Florida Villas Direct offers a wide selection of villas near Disney and the Attractions, on the Gulf Coast, and in the Florida Keys.