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Planning for a first Florida Holiday thru Florida Villas Direct

As a first time visitor to Orlando and the Disney region for a Florida holiday there are lots of points to consider prior to booking flights, car hire, and accommodation.

Families can arrange a 'package tour' which may include the flights either flight only or a fly-drive, the accommodation in either hotels or Florida villas, and a hire car. This is usually done through an ABTA licensed travel agent, who will probably have little or no personal knowledge of the accommodation being offered and will arrange an Orlando holiday. Whilst there is nothing wrong with the 'package' you may be faced with paying considerable extra money on picking up your hire car in Florida as some taxes or insurances may well not have been included in the price you paid.  In addition if you have opted for Florida villas as the best Florida accommodation for your family, it is highly probable that this will not be a named villa in a specific community but will be allocated on arrival from many Florida villas it is unbelievable that anyone flying 4,000 miles would not know where they are staying!!!!  It is often better and cheaper to tailor-make your own package by getting your flights through an ABTA licensed travel agent, getting your car hire through a reputable car hire specialist prior to your arrival date, and making your choice from a number of Florida villas through a specialist rental company with a wide choice of Florida villas ensuring that it is a named villa in a specific community close to the Attractions but also in an up-market location other than just planning your personal trip & staying in villa has more suppleness and in majority of the cases works out very cheap. Florida Villas Direct offers over 500 villas to choose from with villas close to Disney and the Attractions, on the Gulf Coast, and in the Florida Keys.

A major factor to consider is where you pick up your hire car at your arrival airport in Florida. Some car hire companies have their car depots on airport but some require you to go on a courtesy bus to an off-airport depot to pick up your vehicle.  And if you fly direct to Florida then you can imagine having to pick car up about 2 hours after your flight lands at Orlando due to having first to go through immigration, customs, followed by baggage collection before going to the car hire depot to wait in line. Accordingly it is important that you book your hire car with a car hire company in the United Kingdom as soon as possible once your flights are confirmed, and obtain their confirmation that all taxes, insurance are included in the price quoted and that the car is collectable on the airport.