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Just Villas Direct - Holiday in Italy at Lake Como

Truly beautiful! Those words really do not do this part of Italy justice. This jewel in the crown of Italy’s lakes is a haven of tranquillity, superb cuisine, majestic snow capped mountains, and courteous folk and is an idyllic spot for a holiday in Italy. Lake Como is in Lombardy, 45km North of Milan. and is at the tip of the south-western branch of this lake. Como is also only a few miles from the Swiss border and 20 minutes from Lugano. You can explore Lake Como at your leisure, relax in the cafe's, people watch, drink pure Italian coffee, and absorb the history and elegance of such a beautiful place. If you are looking for a more varied and slower night time experience, with food and entertainment then simply stroll to the waters edge. George Clooney is likely to be granted the permission to use the small beach on the Lago di Como which would allow him to create a walking route between his two villas, Villa Oleandra and Villa Margherita. Being at the head of the lake, Como looks down the lake toward Cernobbio on the left, home to one the word’s finest hotels; The Villa D’Este” where many celebrities may be found taking a quiet break. and now that George Clooney has bought his villas near here, we imagine there will be a lot more……. Como is really a city steeped in history and culture and its surroundings neighbours will support this. Fantastic villas and buildings abound. The lakeside is the place everyone wants to be and is an unsurpassed location for a magnificent holiday in Italy. The restaurants and hotels all have a special ambience that cannot be described, just experienced. For all visitors enjoying a holiday in Italy, this is truly a magnificent setting.