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The largest of the Dutch Antilles group of islands, and situated just 40 miles from the coast of Venezuela, Curacao has no hurricanes and a thriving economy, making it a popular destination for your Caribbean holiday.  The name is probably recognised more as a drink made on the island from itís rather sour crops of oranges, rather than a prominent Caribbean destination, however visitors love the island and regularly return.

You can find every type of accommodation here, from the modest bed and breakfast, to the luxury of your own private Caribbean villa, right through to the largest resort style Caribbean hotel complexes which are to be found throughout the islands.  Whatever your preference, you can find it here, in a near perfect climate with practically no rain.  The semi arid conditions make the island a paradise for sun worshipers, but that is not all Curacao has to offer.

Superb beaches and all the usual water sports which are demanded of the best Caribbean holidays are available here.  Diving, sailing, helicopter trips, eco hiking tours, fishing and even an ostrich farm can be enjoyed on the island.  Lovely restaurants, from French and Italian to Argentinian are to be found here, many of which are situated in the larger hotels.  There are ten casinos to chance your luck in the evenings and Curacao even has itís own ancient form of African dance and music called tambu, which is unique to the island.

So for a Caribbean holiday with a bit of a difference, go where the masses donít go, visit Curacao - a little bit of Holland in the Caribbean.