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Ghost watching in Florida

If you are interested in paranormal activities, you may need to plan your Florida holiday to include Tallahassee. Sunland Hospital is the point of origin for the seekers of unknown. It is been said that patients of the hospital were badly treated and that it is at present haunted by some of the past patients. The hospital has closed for more than twenty years and you cannot enter the building, however it is something to observe. Another fascinating place is Old City Cemetery located in Tallahassee. The supposed white witch is buried in the cemetery and her grave can be visited there. Also her grave faces west instead of east like the other graves.

Two other places that you may find interesting while you are planning this type of Florida holiday are the Florida State University and the University Cawthon Dormitory. Some say that previous cadets, who were housed there many years ago, still haunt the University. The ghost of a woman has been reported as seen walking outside the campus grounds at midnight. The dormitory appears to house a poltergeist. This location is considered to be worth a visit and to hear unusual tales. Another interesting location to visit is the Oak Lawn Cemetery.

Paranormal occurrences are reported all over the world, and it does appear that Tallahassee has their share of sighting of ghosts. A normal Florida holiday can be electrifying to say the least. If you are planning your vacation to include looking for haunted places and if you are chasing paranormal occurrences, you will still need somewhere to sleep other than a cemetery, so why not contact Just Florida Direct and rent one or more of their Florida villas you can be assured that they are not haunted, and you can choose from over 500 villas close to Disney and the Attractions, on the Gulf Coast, and in the Florida Keys.