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Florida holiday rental and property companies can act in an introductory capacity on behalf of sellers of real estate and U.S. residents and also visitors to Florida who want to buy property for personal use, as a holiday home, or for rental income. All types of accommodations are available including Florida villas and condominiums which can be used for Florida holidays.

Detailed and comprehensive real estate details of properties are available as is guidance for the potential buyer by providing suggestions and recommendations to try to meet the potential buyer’s requirements.

Some of the companies dealing in sales and rentals of properties in Florida have web sites and offices in Florida and overseas. Inspection visits can be arranged albeit the cost to cover this is met by the potential buyer. To avoid the potential buyer spending monies unnecessarily, it is important for the relevant company to ascertain the viability of a proposed property purchase. If the buyer is dependant upon actively seeking rental income to assist him to cover part of the cost of maintaining the property, it is essential that the property is situated in an area zoned for short term rental and that the property is licensed for short term rental. Professional management should be arranged prior to purchase and also an agreement with an experienced villa rental company with a view to producing rentals for the owner as soon as possible after completion of the purchase. Florida Villas Direct can assist with Florida villa rentals subject to the property meeting their requirements as to property, location, and short term rental license.

Potential buyers should never be totally dependant upon rental income as this can fluctuate due to unforseen circumstances Potential buyers should be aware that, due to the current recession, mortgages are not readily available as the lending sources are imposing tighter conditions and lower loans to value. It is therefore important that financing is arranged prior to any deposits being paid.