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March and April can take in the Easter break. With no exception, Easter is a most popular period for a Florida holiday. Lots of Florida villas can be booked-out  for Easter & surrounding weeks for three years beforehand. It is important that if you are restricted by the school vacation plans that you do not drag your heels as you can expect theme parks to get busy. Keep in mind that these locations are huge, and well-appointed to handle huge crowds and keep it moving all through the day.

May and June are often considered the relief months after hustle and bustle of Easter, again you will find out that the parks are less crowded, not including half term UK holiday slot towards end of May and beginning of June as these dates are extremely popular. Also temperature wise, the things actually start to get hotter now, since we are heading for the full glory of Floridian summer. But, June also marks official start of “rainy season” that is actually little less frightening than it sounds as it seldom rains for long.

At this halfway time in the calendar, the weather conditions are fast changing from spring to summer, and thus, it is not unusual to experience a short shower in mid afternoon. Good news is that these short showers usually last for approximately twenty minutes, prior to returning to glorious sunlight for which Florida is well known.

July and August are considered as a peak months in vacation calendar, since it is best time when majority of the folks are given annual leave from their busy work.

Regardless of the time of the year, visitors take accommodation in hotels, apartments, or Florida  villas. The increasing trend over the past 15 years has been for families to take a Florida villa as the rental is for the villa usually on a weekly basis and not per person, As a Florida villa has it’s own private swimming pool, and with many also with spas and games rooms, a family has more privacy, space, and freedom renting a Florida villa than being in several hotel rooms. Florida Villas can be booked through Just Florida Direct offers over 500 luxury and executive Florida villas and condos in the Disney/Orlando area, the Gulf Coast, and the Florida Keys. Each of the Florida Villas Direct rental villas has its own private swimming pool, and many also have Jacuzzis and games rooms and are perfect for an unforgetable Florida holiday.