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Daytona Beach with Florida Villas Direct

White sands greet you at Daytona as a preliminary to a fun filled Florida holiday with lots to do in a beautiful environment. Welcome to the Daytona Beach, Florida, one of the worldís most famous beaches and the most sought after holiday places in the world. Daytona has 23 miles of the white sand beaches complimented by the blue/green of the Atlantic that made it a major tourist destination since the early 1900ís.

One more fascinating fact associated with Dayton Beach is itís connection with the automobile. There are lots of wheel buffs that want to be on the white sands of Daytona. Automobile racing was the major factor that was vital in increasing Daytonaís fame. The first then unbelievable speed record on the beach was set in 1902 at 52 miles per hour. It was in 1935 when the last land record was set on the beach when Sir Malcolm Campbell have drove his world famous "Bluebird" at 276 miles per hour! Now the scenario of driving on the hard white sand of Daytona Beach is been restricted just for an 18 mile stretch to ensure that visitors who donít wish cars in close proximity can relax and enjoy beach activities other than driving. There are many who take more pleasure in surfing than only driving.

The Daytona Beach offers activities all time of the year on itís 23 mile stretch of beaches filled with fun & colourful populace. There are lots of activities on beach where tourists can enjoy many activities including sunbathing, parasailing, surfing, fishing, jet skiing, beach volleyball, and have a fun time.

Daytona is 60 miles from Orlando and the theme parks of Disney, Universal Studios, and SeaWorld, so why not take a Florida holiday in the Orlando area in a Florida rental villa and drive up to Daytona on Interstate 4. Villas are available through Just Florida Direct who offers over 500 luxury and executive Florida rental villas in the Disney/Orlando area, the Gulf Coast, and the Florida Keys. Each Florida rental villa has its own private swimming pool, and many also have Jacuzzis and games rooms. A number of these Florida villas are also located in gated communities.