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Choosing a Florida villa with Florida Villas Direct

I have owned a rental villa close to Disney for a number of years and having used it for Florida holidays for friends and family, and also for rental income. We came to understand from talking with our visitors that one of their largest concerns was how to choose the holiday accommodation that is right for them in the first place! 

To make your choice simpler, you should consider the following facts before deciding whether to go for a hotel room, a motel room, or a luxury villa for your Florida holiday.

Whether you are looking for a super Disney World Holiday or an energetic family vacation, a Florida holiday rental villa is one of most beneficial choices available to you for your accommodation. All visitors to Florida have to make a decision on whether to opt for accommodation in a hotel, a motel, as an alternative to a Florida villa. The hotel or motel accommodation can prove to have a number of drawbacks. Firstly the rental rates for Florida villas are quoted per villa per week and not per person, whilst hotels and motels can prove to be more expensive as you are charged by the room, which means that you may require several rooms resulting in inadequate private space, inadequate lavatories, noise from your neighbours, paying hotel rates for drinks and food, sharing a pool with strangers, being tied to set times for breakfast etc, and so on we have all experienced these disadvantages in hotel accommodation!  In comparison a Florida villa provides spacious accommodation, never less than two bathrooms (for a 3 bedroom luxury villa), no neighbours, not having to pay exhorbitant prices for food and drinks, and the personal use of a private swimming pool which you do not have to share with strangers. You could also have the added security of having a Florida villa in a gated community and the possibility of a jacuzzi and games room in addition to your own private swimming pool.

After consideration, what would you choose? Just contact Just Florida Direct who offer a choice from over 500 luxury and executive villas close to Disney and the Attractions, in the Florida Keys, and on the Gulf Coast from Marco Island and Naples in the south to New Port Richey in the north.