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Caribbean Villas Direct in Tortola, Virgin Islands

Tortola means “turtle dove” which is a total contradiction in terms to the origins of this island, namely pirates!  Some of the Caribbean’s most dangerous and successful pirates operated in and around here and as late as 1792, the British authorities were still calling Tortola a “pirates nest.”  These days however, all this has been left behind and it is now a gentle, easy going destination for a perfect Caribbean holiday, despite the influx of cruise ships and tour buses for the burgeoning tourist trade. 

The island’s first colonisers were the Dutch settlers, but these were usurped by the British and so Tortola became one of the British Virgin Islands and to this day, still has bright red Royal Mail post boxes.  No Caribbean holiday would be complete without the usual high standards of accommodation including beautiful Caribbean villas, modest bed and breakfasts accommodations, and of course, the trademark Caribbean hotel resort complexes which are found throughout these islands.  There is a rapid rate of growth on Tortola, unfortunately sometimes at the expense of such old fashioned scenes as people travelling about on donkeys, cows wandering around on the loose or feral billy goats.  Now, you will find superb yacht marinas with sail and dive vessels for hire, award winning restaurants, great shopping and the famous, or maybe that should be infamous, “Pain Killer”, the cocktail native to Tortola, which is made with the local Pussers Rum, originall the official rum for the Royal Navy.

So for your next Caribbean holiday, why not try a different pace?  Just remember, that although the island is only ten miles long and three miles wide, it can take up to an hour to drive from one end to the other due to the winding roads, and so just sit back and relax and enjoy the views.