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Caribbean Villas Direct in St Barths

St. Barthelemy, or St. Barths as it is more widely and affectionately known is probably the most glitzy and glamorous island in the Caribbean.  This is the island for a Caribbean holiday which may result in chance encounters with celebrities as the rich and famous love to play here. This is reflected in the very high standards of excellence in everything on the island, from the fine dining experiences, to the high class Caribbean resort style hotel complexes.  As befits it’s French origins, there is plenty of “ooh, la, la” here and it is chic, civilised and almost entirely European in feel.

There are twenty beautiful beaches on the island, where you can find all manner of the usual Caribbean water sports such as diving, sailing and fishing.  The town of St. Jean is now the centre of the tourism industry, and here you can experience chic boutiques, Euro style brasseries and bistros and excellent restaurants, huge wine cellars, fashions shows and art galleries, all aimed at a rather superior clientele.  Old St Barths is to the east of here, in the hills, and now boasts the best in Caribbean villas, which have replaced the old style dwellings.  Nearby is the highest point on the island and from here you can see right over to St Eustatious and St Kitts.

The largest aircraft to land on St Barths has a maximum of nineteen seats making it very exclusive to get to, and almost all the food there is imported on a daily basis from France, but this does not deter the world’s glitterati from flocking here using the nearby Netherlands Antilles island of St Maarten as an international gateway.  An alternative means of travelling from St Maarten to St Barths is by sea on a yacht or trimaran. Formerly the favoured destination of the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers before it became “discovered”, you may now see the likes of Steve Martin,  Roman Abramovich, Jon Bon Jovi,  Demi Moore, Ashton Kutcher, Puff Daddy,  Macy Gray,  Beyonce, Lindsay Lohan, Derek Jeter, Mariah Carey, Donna Karan and many others on this beautiful island.