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Caribbean Villas Direct in Monserrat

The volcanic eruption which devastated the northern end of Montserrat is still there for all visitors to see, but it does have it’s benefits, as the ash has fed the land and there is an abundance of greenery and lushness on this 38 square mile pear shaped Caribbean island.  This, and the fact that it was first colonised by many Irish people, gives it the nickname of Emerald Isle of Eden and St Patrick’s Day is just one of the large celebrations held here.

Building and regeneration work is continuing especially with regard to accommodation and you will now find the best in Caribbean villas and hotels here on Montserrat.  Many second homes are being built here and they have the added health benefits of piped spring water brought in direct from the beautiful woodland areas.  The population is now increasing again, following the losses to property during the eruption of the volcano, and an increasing sense of freshness and evolution is apparent on the island.

To get the best of both worlds on your Caribbean holiday, you may like to combine a visit to Montserrat with part of your time spent on nearby Antigua.  This much larger island has a well established tourist programme, including the best in Caribbean resort hotels, plantation houses, pretty Caribbean villas and the more modest bed and breakfast establishments.  Several fun packed days could be spent here, then take a ferry or helicopter ride over to Montserrat, for some serious rest and relaxation amidst the tropical lushness that is the Caribbean “Emerald Isle.”