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For a Caribbean holiday with a difference, try the island of Dominica.  What makes it so different? Well, it is said to be the last home of the Carib race, the warriors who were prevalent throughout the islands, it has two endangered species of parrot native to the island, and “mountain chicken”, a local specialty which is actually breaded frogs legs!!  Add to this though, the mountainous splendour of the island’s peaks, with their lodges, trails and national park and the dramatic beaches of dark grey or black volcanic rock, with just a few beautiful, pale sandy beaches in the far north east, thrown in for good measure.  This is definitely an island with a difference, and is commonly known as Nature Island of the Caribbean.

On the protected east coast, you will find Roseau, which is the largest town on the island and it overlooks the Caribbean sea.  It has quaint architecture and a charming atmosphere, and you are likely to be spoken to in a form of French patois, as they were the first settlers here, later to be replaced, as with so much of the Caribbean, by the English.  It has seesawed back and forth, but ended up by being a British colony until 1978, when it took it’s independence from Britain.

From small, multi award winning eco lodges in the lush, rainforest valley, to dive resorts with whale and dolphin watching, there is an abundance of Caribbean hotels on the island.  From cabins in the National Park to a beautiful, secluded luxury Caribbean villa sandwiched between the sea and the mountains, there is something for everyone here. 

Take your next Caribbean holiday with a bit of a difference, visit Dominica booking your accommodation with Just Villas Direct and, maybe add a luxury villa thru Florida Villas Direct and enjoy a two centre holiday in Dominica and Florida..