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Guadeloupe is not just French owned and administered, it is a little piece of France in the Caribbean making it idealk for a unique French-style Caribbean holiday.  As you would imagine, being a part of France, the food and wines found here are fabulous and Bastille Day in July is one of the largest festivals celebrated on the island.  Others include Carnival, which is found all over the Caribbean at different times, a very intriguing Fete de Cuisiniers or Festival of Women Cooks, where female chefs create a five hour banquet which includes lobster, rice and crabs and special pastries, and the wacky All Saints, where candles are placed in the cemeteries so that the dead can see all their still living friends stay up all night in their honour.

The shape of Guadeloupe is reminiscent of a butterfly, with Pointe-a-Pitre with its rather grand airport and the main commercial centre and seaport on the northern wing on Grande-Terre.  The southern wing, which is known as Basse-Terre, has a botanical garden, a national park and a volcano overlooking wonderful waterfalls which will cover you in spray should you venture too close.  Lovely beaches, with a French attitude to nudism should you fancy that, and a vast jungle which overlooks deep blue waters are just some of the sights not to be missed on this beautiful island.

Guadeloupe has a wide variety of accommodation to suit every traveller, whether your preference is for the large resort style Caribbean hotel complexes, the more modest inns and bed and breakfasts and also, superb Caribbean villas for your individual holiday plans.  From Creole style cottages and bungalows sited on a working coffee plantation, to superb spa treatments and swimming pools, you are never very far from the sea here.  For something a little different for your next Caribbean holiday, come and try a taste of France in the sunshine. Obtain the options for accommodation from Just Villas Direct and Florida Villas Direct.